Art, life and the body

Currently documenting experience  through writing and embodied spoken word-performance poetry

Siobhan uses contemporary techniques to document experience,with no explicit intention of producing an ‘art object’. Her interest is in the embodiment of spiritual experience in all daily activity. The potential for divination and  the divine in the ordinary are touchstones of her work. As the line of inquiry always guides the medium, her practice has evolved from embodied walking drawing into the potential for pilgrimage in all walking, drawing from the synchronistic and divinatory nature of found objects. In the gleaning, the experience and findings pass under the lens of art history, contemporary art practice, psycho-therapeutic and theological theory and practice; which is a  convoluted way to say: 'looking for a way to live in the world'.

Siobhan has exhibited in:

Royal Hibernian Academy, NUIG,Clifden Arts Festival, Belltable, Linenhall,Town Hall Theatre Galway, Hunt Museum,Reykjavik Art Museum,Galeria La Vieille Poste, Larroque, France,Fionnghlas Thiar gallery Moyard and Oughterard Courthouse Gallery.

Siobhan is a regular contributor on the Hunt museum events programme and delivers workshops nationwide.

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