For the restoration of relationship

with Self and others

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Distancing does not mean  alone.

 online therapy

single session therapy available


Online Integrative Psychotherapy

Dream, writing and image 

Addiction and recovery 

Creative Practitioners: Practice support/dev


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Is Soma Psyche therapy for you?

Experience working with fear, stress, anxiety, social isolation and illness.

Creative practitioners: practice support and development

Specialist in addiction recovery

  Experience with  12 step model 

 AA, SLAA /HOW OA etc 


Do you feel unwell, physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually, and know why, or you don't know why?

Do you feel stuck or confused?

Do you have a lot of feelings,or have no feelings?

Perhaps you don't know how you feel.

Are you at a point of change in your life or wanting to change?

Are you lost?

Are you struggling? 

Have you had enough?

Are you tired? 

Is life too much?

Are people too much? 

Are you in relationships that aren't working for you?

Would you like to be in a relationship but you don't go there. 

Maybe you feel ok but would like to feel even better.

Areas of Experience

Addiction                           Stress                      Relationships                             Divorce       


Fear                                           Loss                              Anxiety                           Addiction recovery


    Alcohol         Substance        Food (under & over eating)   Love & relationship addiction   


Social anorexia                                         Sexual anorexia                                         Relational anorexia


Creative block                   Sleep disorder                  Separation       Divorce     


Adult child       Trauma       Mid life            Sexuality             Recovery from surgical procedures         


  Fatigue            Overwhelmed          Stuck           Co-dependency                 Despair            Grief


Thyroid               Depression                    Physical illness               Menopause         Coronary care     


Spiritual illness                             Emotional illness           



In line with Public health Advice  

Body psychotherapy is not currently available

Biodynamic Massage:

Working therapeutically with the body because it holds in it energetic experiences of stress and trauma, and the wisdom to recover. The combination of contact-full touch and the therapeutic relationship supports the body's wisdom to self regulate toward an experience of joy full living. Pleasure is the building block for well being and growth. When free, energy streams and feelings of well being and pleasure flow, allowing us to become the best version of ourselves. Stuck energy is supported to move freely, allowing the body-mind to restore itself to health. This flow encourages the restoration of relationship with self and others. ​

Duration: up to 55 mins.


Cost: €65

Addiction Recovery Therapeutic Massage:

This massage therapy offers clients in recovery an experience of how the body can provide pleasurable feelings and responses without the use of substances or addictive behaviours. Therapeutic massage can offer an opportunity to reset the metabolism aiding the neurochemistry of the body to restore homeostasis. 

Duration: up to 55 mins


Cost: €65

Elder Care Massage:

The intention of this massage is to provide comfort using touch techniques that can promote deep relaxation and relief from pain or stress, always mindful of the physical and emotional needs of the elderly or ill client.

Integrating the massage techniques of Boyesen, Rose and Buckle.


Home care and hospice visits facilitated.

Cost; € 70

In Soma Psyche massage,a stethoscope is placed on the lower abdomen to monitor the sounds of the gut,

this  psycho-peristalsis is the sound of the body actively eliminating the effects of stress.


Soma psyche therapy integrates Biodynamic massage with the allied practices of

Reich, Jung,Winnicott, Rothschild,Berne and Upledger.

''Body work, like dream work, is soul work. Body and dream illuminate the point where spirit and matter touch and do not touch''  Marion Woodman


Continuing professional development:


Massage for the Elderly & Ill

Working with LGBTI + young people

Dream interpretation

Addiction recovery & therapeutic massage

Gender sensitivity training 

Addiction studies & recovery

Jung workshops here and here 

 Chem-sex awareness

Cruise Control: Understanding sex addiction in Gay men

Craniosacral therapy

Biodynamic craniosacral therapy

Couples counselling

Motivational interviewing


Community development

Suicide prevention

Domestic violence

Training for transformation

Train the trainer

Children first

Safeguarding vulnerable adults


Soma Psyche Therapy

00 353 87  6699167




Biodynamic  Massage

Addiction Recovery & therapeutic Massage

Massage for the Elderly and ill

Isolation does not have to mean alone

currently working via Zoom

single session are available

F2F and body work sessions unavailable temporarily

Stonehaven Centre,


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