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Soma Psyche Psychotherapy

Working directly with the body 

for the restoration of  relationship with self and others,

through the experience of the client therapist relationship

​accredited IAHIP ICP


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Do you feel unwell, physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually, and know why, or you don't know why? Do you feel stuck or confused? Do you have a lot of feelings,or have no feelings? Perhaps you don't know how you feel. Are you at a point of change in your life or wanting to change? Are you lost?Are you struggling? Have you had enough? are you tired? Is life too much, are people too much? Are you in relationships that aren't working for you? Would you like to be in a relationship but you don't go there. 

Maybe you feel ok but would like to feel even better.

Soma Psyche Psychotherapy works directly with the body through biodynamic massage. We work with the body because it holds in it experiences of stress and trauma, and it also has the wisdom to recover.

Stress from childhood or current situations, can cause energetic and physical holding (body armour) When life force becomes stuck it can manifest as recurring illness or repeating old patterns or unhelpful behaviours. In times of stress body armour is a necessary protection but when it is overdeveloped it can prohibit experiencing the joy of living. The combination of  contact-full touch and the therapeutic relationship supports the body's wisdom to self regulate. Stuck energy is supported to move freely, allowing the body-mind to restore itself to health. When free, energy streams and feelings of well being and pleasure flow, allowing us to become the best version of ourselves (primary personality) This flow encourages the restoration of relationship with self and others. Pleasure is the building block for well being and growth.

  • You can come for Biodynamic massage as a treatment to experience relaxation and pleasure without ever entering a psychotherapeutic process.

  • You can receive Biodynamic massage as part of a psychotherapy relationship or you can have it as a stand -alone therapy.

  • Biodynamic massage works well alongside other therapeutic practices.If you are having psychotherapy elsewhere you can receive Biodynamic massage as well, but you should tell your therapist.

Although a single session can be valuable, a series of treatments will increase the benefit.The therapeutic process continues between sessions, so for optimum results  journaling is a suggested tool to record physical or emotional observations.

Soma psyche therapy integrates biodynamic massage psychotherapy with allied therapies such as the work of: ReichJung,Winnicott, Rothschild,Berne and Upledger

When you arrive:

There are chairs and a massage table in the room, where we begin on chairs and explore your needs from therapy and take a brief history before we move to the massage table. Your treatment plan and massage type is determined by your body’s individual needs, and each session is different. Therefore sometimes it is full body massage and sometimes it is focused on a particular area that your body identifies as needing work, it is a collaborative process. A stethoscope is used to listen to the peristalsis in your digestive system. Sessions are up to 1 hour. It is suggested that committing to a regular day and time supports the treatment process.There is a 48 hour rescheduling policy within treatment plans.

Biodynamic massage psychotherapy is a gentle effective response to the effects of stress and trauma in the body. Bio means life and dynamic means movement of life energy.In biodynamic and integrative psychotherapy we understand that the body holds memories of stressful experience and it also has the wisdom in it to recover. We are working toward releasing and encouraging a regular flow of trapped energy. Biodynamic massage therapy supports the body to self regulate,by following the symptoms toward the solution.In biodynamic massage we work hands on with the body. Everyday and childhood stress held in the body may manifest in physical, emotional and spiritual ways such as illness, unhappiness, addictions, discontent, depression, fatigue etc.

The body responds to stress by holding emotional energy in order to deal with stress. Where stress and trauma are ongoing and there is no release or recovery, physical, emotional, spiritual dis-ease occur. Biodynamic massage facilitates the dissolving of this held stress (body armour) supporting energy to flow. The whole body re-members and the response is where there is release of trapped energy. This release and flow of energy causes  peristalsis in the gut. We use a stethoscope to listen to this psycho-peristalsis and follow the body’s guidance. Our bodies are our maps of recovery.


Biodynamic massage can be part of a psychotherapy relationship or you can have it as a stand -alone therapy. Biodynamic massage is a complete treatment and can be received purely for the relaxing and pleasurable experience of the massage without ever entering a psychotherapeutic process. Biodynamic massage can also be used within a psychotherapy process, according to the needs of the client at any time. If you are currently working with a psychotherapist you can receive Biodynamic massage as well, but you should tell your therapist.

Biodynamic psychology was developed in the 20th century by Gerda Boyesen, a Norwegian psychologist and physiotherapist

''Body work, like dream work, is soul work. Body and dream illuminate the point where spirit and matter touch and do not touch''

                                                                           Marion Woodman

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Soma Psyche Psychotherapy

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